Leather Head Sports Handsome Dan Handmade Football

We considered the football as a sculptural form and decided that it would be a terrific vehicle to showcase beautiful leather and extraordinary craftsmanship. We wanted our football to be durable enough to play with, but interesting enough to serve as a style accessory and conversation piece.

Paul Cunningham
Owner & Craftsman, Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports Handsome Dan Handmade Football

Remember when you were a kid and you loved playing sports? Some of us never lost that feeling. Leather Head footballs are made to be played with, and a lot of thought is put into the design. The leather chosen is sturdy and gripable. It's uncorrected too, so it will show natural characteristics. In time, these balls will develop a beautiful patina. Since they're meant for play, they’re designed for hands of all sizes: fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, grandparents and grandchildren. Like you, we know that playing sports is the best way to connect friends, family and generations.


  • Made from rich, full grain leather
  • Raw hide lace
  • Sturdy polyester thread in red
  • About the size of a “youth” football

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