The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Pen

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Pen

The Ethergraf® alloy tip microscopically ‘scratches’ the paper, oxidizing it and leaving a soft and romantic sign.

Davide Fabi

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Pen

This pencil isn't a pencil. It’s not a pen, either. It is truly forever. The Forever Cambiano is a stylus with a specially crafted ethergraff alloy-tip. It lightly scratches the paper, leaving a mark. Made with smooth dark wood and metal, this writing instrument is a gorgeous addition to any desk or makes a remarkable, unique gift option for someone you love. It’s nearly impossible to rethink something as simple and as timeless as a pen and pencil, but they’ve done it. If anyone could, it would be Pininfarina.

This special edition comes with a carved wooden base which provides for a handsome presentation.

This is an heirloom that will delight anyone with design sensibilities.  For any friend, client, colleague, or family member who has left a lasting impression on you, this is a gift that will truly last the test of time.

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