The Great Celebration

The Great Celebration - Champagne Saber Kit

I think whenever we do something going forwards, we always look back. We have an archive that is so vast and so important historically, it's a real luxury to have a body of work so large to be influenced by.

Nicholas Manville
Senior Vice President of Design, Georg Jensen

The Great Celebration - Champagne Saber Kit

The art of opening a bottle of champagne with a sword dates back to the victory marches led by Napoleon himself.  Some celebrations call for true theatrics, and for those moments we present you with the Robb Vices champagne sabring kit.  For this collection, we bring you the strikingly beautiful and perfectly functional champagne sabre crafted by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen.  For your sabring pleasure we have included Robb Vices own reserve bubbles... crisp with subtle touch of pear.  With the addition of the finest of French liqueurs... the classic Kir Royale cocktail is in your future.

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