The Old Fashioned cocktail sports its name for a reason — the combination of spirits, sugar, and bitters can be traced to the very first printed definition of the word cocktail,all the way back in 1806. And its been called the Old-Fashionedsince the late 19th century. So the oldin its name is well-deserved. But though drinks trends have waxed and waned, the Old Fashioned has endured. And today, its as popular as ever, as enterprising bartenders and home mixologists have been putting their individual spin on the tried-and-true classic.  

Created by famed L.A. bartender Zach Patterson, the Chai Spiced Lowball takes the whiskey-sugar-bitters foundation (employing Old Forester bourbon, a damn good choice if we do say so ourselves), and gives it a modern twist. The chai-spiced syrup gives the drink another dimension of flavor thats ideal for a chilly winters night. And you dont have to do a thing except pour it over ice into your favorite rocks glass. Add a cherry and/or a twist of orange peel, and youre ready to enjoy.  

You can thank Zwissle for making the process so easy. They get top mixologists to do the work for you, from sourcing the ingredients to measuring to batching to bottling. All you need to do is pour and drink (OK, so you have to have a glass and ice cubes, but thats a pretty reasonable ask). This cocktail is a Vices exclusive, but pay a visit to to find out what else theyve got on tap.