Bloody Mary Lollipop & Cocktail Stirrer

The Bloody Mary is a cocktail to play around with, whether you’re making it nose-runningly spicy or adorning it with over-the-top garnishes. Well, here’s a new tool for your arsenal — a dried-tomato lollipop that doubles as a stirrer for your Bloody Mary! It’s made by Dardimans, the undisputed champs of dried fruit (and remember, the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable!). They take the fnest California-grown ingredients, without any additives or preservatives, and dry them using convection heat rather than freezing. The heat-drying retains more of the color, the shape, and most importantly, the favor. This alcohol-free lollipop, sprinkled with black pepper and sugar-free isomalt, is a great conversation starter whether you’re using it to stir your Bloodies or crunching it on its own.

To explore more of Dardimans’ dazzling and dizzying array of dried fruit crisps, go to www.dardimans.com.