Wash With Joe: A Fresh Take OnFreshening Up

The classic Hollywood fantasy is the bathtub filled with champagne. For the more caffeinated set, the thought of a hot shower pumping out a stream of coffee is even more appealing. Logistically, however... well, there are a few drawbacks. But leave it to us to find a way to make the fantasy a reality — courtesy of Wash With Joe.

Now, before you start wondering whether you’re going to smell like a cup of coffee all day after using this bodywash, know that coffee has amazing natural deodorizing properties. Coffee both absorbs and eliminates odors, without adding any scent of its own. Wash With Joe products are formulated with 100% genuine Arabica coffee with caffeine. Why caffeinated? Caffeine has been known to help as an anti-inflammatory when used topically. Studies have shown that caffeine has tightening and firming qualities for your skin. And if that's not enough, there's some evidence that it helps repair UV damage. So you're not just indulging in a coffee-lover's fantasy, you're giving your skin the royal treatment.

With your Coffeemint Bodywash, you're also getting a burst of triple-distilled peppermint essential oil, part of a botanical infusion formulated with 100% aromatic raw materials extracted from botanically identified plants. The combination of the coffee and the mint is as invigorating and refreshing on a washcloth or loofah as it is in a cup. And there’s a lot more to explore with Wash With Joe — to see more of their products, pay them a visit atwww.washwithjoe.com.