Vices Collection Brass Colander

One of our goals here at Vices is to bring a bit of beauty and style into your life wherever possible, even — especially? — when it comes to the simple everyday activities, like preparing a meal.

That’s why we’re including the stunning golden titanium-plated colander you’ll find in this box. Crafted for functionality but designed to dazzle, even cooking up some pasta can become a sparkling affair. Made from stainless steel with titanium plating, this eye-catching colander is built to last, but washing it by hand is recommended to keep its golden hue glittering.

If you’re looking for a good way to christen your colander, we’d like to recommend using it with the Di Martino long spaghetti which you’ll also find herein. There are countless ways to enjoy pasta, but is there a perfect way to cook it? Not necessarily, since some people prefer their pasta al dente and others enjoy it softer and more delicate. But here are a few tips to make great spaghetti truly extraordinary. First off, use a large pot with a lot of water. It’ll take longer to boil, but the extra time is worth it. The pasta needs room to expand and move as it cooks to avoid clumping. Add salt to the water before cooking, as it helps the pasta cook and adds flavor as well. Most importantly, don’t just set a timer and walk away! Your spaghetti needs to be stirred periodically, to prevent strands from sticking together, and it also needs to be tasted frequently to make sure it’s the optimal texture. Every few minutes, pull a strand or two out of the pot and have a taste.

Once you’re done cooking, drain the spaghetti in your new colander. Don’t forget to take a moment to admire how terrific it looks! And don’t shake the pasta out too thoroughly, as a little excess water will keep the pasta from clumping. It’s almost ready to serve! Add sauce or season it to your liking, and buon apetito.

There’s more to life than spaghetti, of course. There’s all sorts of other pasta as well, in so many shapes and sizes. Fusilli, rigatoni, penne, linguine, ravioli… it’s kind of amazing how many types of pasta even the most casual carb-lover can name off the top of their head. But we're naming a few of our favorites that may have flown under your radar, or at least deserve revisiting.