True Brands Boston Shaker & Coupe Glasses

Classic, eye-catching, and useful additions to any home bar.

The coupe glass and the Boston shaker both evoke glamorous bars of yesteryear, when a night out meant donning full evening wear — at least in the movies — and cocktails were the prelude (and often the accompaniment) to dinner and a show. Both shaker and glass have made a comeback in recent years, becoming ubiquitous in fancy watering holes and home bars alike. And while it’s true they both give any bar a more elegant vibe, the real reason they’re so popular is because they both play an important role in the creation of a great cocktail.

Coupe glasses first gained popularity in France in the late 1700s, although their history actually goes back a century further. Coupes were said to be modeled on the female breast, in particular that of Marie Antoinette (as fun a story as that may be, it’s entirely untrue). French coupes were originally used for drinking champagne, and coupes were generally thought of as champagne glasses well into the 20th century, until the more bubble-friendly flute glass supplanted it.

But while the coupe was falling out of favor among the champagne drinkers of Europe, it was quickly becoming the glassware of choice for post-Prohibition cocktail drinkers in America. Before the conical martini glass, there was the rounded, more spill-resistant coupe, seen everywhere from the swanky nightspots like the Stork Club to the sets of iconic movies like Casablanca. And in the cocktail renaissance of the 21st century, the coupe glass has come roaring back along with classic drinks —  it’s now the glass of choice for cocktails served up, without ice, from daiquiris to French 75s to Manhattans to, of course, the espresso martini.

The history of the Boston shaker goes back to the mid 19th century, the early days of cocktails as we know them today. The first shakers were made of tin, but since the early 20th century they’ve employed heat-treated stainless steel, which lasts longer and doesn’t rust. Like the coupe glass, the Boston shaker was frequently found behind the swankiest bars after (and, in all honesty, during) Prohibition, and it has endured as a symbol of mixological elegance and utility to this day.

Now you can shake up and drink up your espresso martinis in style with your own Boston shaker and set of coupe glasses from True Brands, the leading designer of beverage accessories worldwide. The shaker consists of two tins, 18 and 25 ounces, which fit together for the perfect cocktail making experience. Contoured for quick closure and smooth separation, this easy-to-clean shaker will have you whipping up cold, frothy espresso martinis, as well as mai tais, margaritas, whiskey sours… any cocktail that calls for shaking.

The coupe glass, meanwhile, is the perfect serving vessel for espresso martinis, highlighting the deep, velvety color of the drink while the delicate foam gracefully clings to the rim. Try your glasses with Manhattans, daiquiris, and whatever this week’s hot new cocktail may be. Drink trends may come and go, but these exquisitely shaped coupe glasses will never go out of style.

Beautiful glassware and a good shaker are the perfect start to a home bartending arsenal. True Brands has every tool imaginable for those who want to take it further — for beer, wine, tea and coffee, and cigars as well as cocktails. Check out their dizzying selection at