Travel That Matters Podcast

Travel That Matters Master Chef series is covering all of the best culinary  destinations this season as master chefs and culinary personalities like Marcus Samuelsson, Curtis Stone, and Amanda Freitag share their all-time favorite travel and food experiences on the podcast. Down to the single dish from the furthest corners of the globe that made their trip memorable, the level of detail nearly allows you to taste and take in the aromas before you. Host Bruce Wallin, Travel Writer and previous Editorial Director of Robb Report, brings deep and descriptive insight from the well-traveled, best-fed, and quite adventurous. You’ll find these chefs of stature always travel with the guidance of local friends and recommendations from those who know the area best. A feeling of support that opens up a world of destinations away from the beaten paths and grand thoroughfares crowding your social feed. It’s the immediate trip review and next steps from the likes of Gregory Gourdet and Gail Simmons - where they’ve just returned from and headed next to inspire their own craft. Their conversations come full-circle to understand what drives their state-of-the-art restaurant ventures and the emerging movements of the culinary industry.


Travel That Matters uniquely spotlights food destinations as they emerge in real time through each guests on-the-ground perspective. For example, how Daniel Boulud has his eye on Lyon, France; where passionate young chefs are creating the cutting edge while holding respect for deep traditions and extracting the most of every ingredient. A strong takeaway is the insight that every region’s star ingredients are ones that thrive in their natural environment, and the chefs who understand the land best know exactly how to honor each resource. The pressure of choosing your next travel destination is stripped away with the realization that regional specialties are nature’s influence and in each place, there is a chef dedicated to pushing for the best interpretations of those offerings. 

The Vices editorial mission feels right at home listening to Travel That Matters for its open minded sense of exploration. We’re ignited with excitement for our next journey, bringing nuanced expectations that the gems are everywhere - and really not all that hidden. Tune in for the next episode releasing August 8th and click this link to catch up on every episode available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Presenting sponsors of the Travel That Matters Master Chef series are Accor, a world-leading hospitality group offering experiences across more than 5,400 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues in 110 countries, and Stonestreet Estate Vineyards, a California winery in the Alexander Valley.  

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