Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound creates speakers that are more than just sound. These speakers add to each room with its sleek design. They offer speakers that are wooden, steel, stoneware and of course transparent. By offering multiple options of material there is a speaker that can match any design. We asked the founders of Transparent Sound, Magnus and Per, a few questions about their stylish technology company and themselves.  

Quick bio of the founder/ company 

P: Transparent Sound started as an exploration of how one could create an electronics object that blends more into its surroundings, and eventually became more of a design object. In general, a loudspeaker needs a lot of air in order to offer a decent bass. A glass enclosure was our way to offer a big enough volume without taking up too much visual space. Also, the typical "tech object" does not use materials or techniques that are common in design objects for the home, so we wanted to introduce this way of thinking to inspire the conservative tech industry. Per Brickstad, who is the Creative Director of Transparent Sound, started his journey as an industrial designer and has worked 15 years for brands such as Nokia, IKEA, Samsung and Miele, before co-founding the design studio People People.  

What is the brand's mission? 

P: To challenge the industry and become the First Circular Tech Brand.  

Small Transparent Speaker

If you didn't start your company, what would you be doing?  

P: I would start up one of my other ventures I currently don't have time for.  


Quarantine lifesavers?  

P: I am fortunate enough to live around the Swedish forest/archipelago. Nature is the best remedy... And music! 


Tell us a little bit about the product we're featuring. 

P: We often say we make Timeless, Modular Electronics. Our products are designed to work in any home and in any time. We have removed any unnecessary "decoration" and celebrate the iconic, essential elements. This way we are aspiring to a super-simplified, yet bold expression that might not feel outdated after just a few years. The term "timeless design" is often used carelessly as a marketing buzzword. When we say "timeless" we consider several important factors: the appearance, the quality of the materials, a great sound experience and perhaps most importantly: the modular design which means the products are upgradable over time. The tech industry at large is right now systematically creating massive amounts of waste and depletion of resources. Our products aspire to work in a circular system that potentially can let them live forever. 

Transparent Sound Speaker