Title of Work

Accessories can be such a key part of your outfit and everyday life. From scarves to bracelets, Title of Work acknowledges the importance of an accessory and treats them like a piece of art. They use a red dot as their logo mirroring the concept of using a red dot on an art piece in the art world when it’s sold. We learned more about this New York City based brand and the amazing items that they create.  

  • Quick bio of the founder/designer.  

Born and raised in a suburb outside of Boston, MA., Jonathan Meizler has a diverse background in filmmaking, art history, and fashion, An active member of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and veteran designer of couture, hand-tailored sports and evening wear, Jonathan remains a hands-on craftsman who pursues the overlooked and unexpected, introducing into the world of accessories what hadn’t been there before.  

  • What is the brand's mission?  


Our mission is to create original, detailed, objectively distinctive quality accessories and objects. At title of work we treat luxury accessories as an art form. Hence, the red dot in our logo. Every season explores a distinct theme with help from collaborators of various disciplines and backgrounds—from iconic street photographers to contemporary graffiti artists. 

  • If you didn't start your company, what would you be doing?  

Meizler would either be a directing films, a psychologist or a farmer. 

  • Quarantine lifesavers?  
There are quite a few hysterical & creative quarantine videos on Instagram that friends forward daily… some are quite brilliant and are most needed at this time. 


  • Tell us a little bit about the product we're featuring.  

All jewelry and neckwear are produced on-site, in the Lower East side Atelier. The fabrics are predominantly natural fibers (silk/ wool cotton) that are sourced and custom woven from mills in Italy, England, and Japan. Our jewelers create each piece per order, using ‘reclaimed’ 18k gold, sterling silver, and ethically sourced gemstones.