The Good Patch Rise Immunity Tablet

Give Your Immune System A Boost At Home Or On The Go

Maintaining a strong immune system while traveling is more important than ever these days. We wouldn’t want to pack your travel bag with anything less than the best, so we searched high and low for the most effective immunity booster we could find without a prescription. Lo and behold, we found it — in one convenient and travel-friendly tablet.  

Rise Effervescent Tablets are made by The Good Patch, a company started by three veterans of the wellness industry who banded together to create products that can change everyone’s life for the better. You know the drill — drop the tablet in water, give it a minute or so to fizz up, and drink. What you get in this surprisingly tasty potion is a well thought out, covering-all-the-bases blend of ingredients to keep your immune system in fighting shape. There’s magnesium for the heart, bones, muscles and nerves. There’s electrolytes to keep you hydrated and balance your pH levels. There’s echinacea, a powerful booster for the body’s natural defense system. There’s a 1000 mg blast of Vitamin C. In all, there are 14 wellness-boosting ingredients, all working in harmony to keep you healthy whether you’re hitting the airport, taking a road trip, or just taking a stroll to the park.

The immune system isn’t the only thing Rise tablets can boost. If you’re caffeine-averse, or looking to cut down, they make a healthy pick-me-up or morning eye-opener instead of coffee. And they’re safe to take for healthy adults and kids 12 and older. The convenient sleek tube makes it perfect for traveling, though we recommend it for home use as well.If you’re interested in diving deeper into The Good Patch’s lineup of wellness products, including hemp-infused time-release patches to overcome many common maladies, visit their website —