Terrapin Stationers

Say it with Whisky

Monogrammed or “From The Desk Of...” note cards tell the recipients who you are. But why tell them when you can show them? This is why we love this gorgeous set of cards and envelopes emblazoned with an iconic glass of whisky. This classy-yet-cheeky stationery set has been produced exclusively for Vices members.

At Vices, we endeavor to protect the endangered art of letter writing. When notes are written by hand on stationery as lovely as this, overdue hellos are forgiven, thank-yous are even more appreciated, and an invitation to come over and drink some whisky becomes a formal summons of the best kind. We know you’ll enjoy penning your missives on these cards, especially when writing them with the Bosco Style Pen also included in the Whisky Poet Edition.

Terrapin Stationers is without a doubt the coolest 100-plus year old purveyor of engraved stationery company on the planet. The company’s products, from “WTF” and “Cool Story Bro” business cards to “You’re The Fucking Man” thank-you cards, combine classic old-school engraving with a decidedly post-millennial attitude. They’ve become a hit with everyone from the country club set to the fashion industry. The late Jerry Garcia was a customer, back when the company was simply known as Stationers & Engraving Co. As true fans, the founding artisans changed the company name to Terrapin Stationers in honor of the Grateful Dead album, 'Terrapin Station".

If seeing this stationery has inspired you to become a regular note writer, the first place you should go is terrapinstationers.com, where the content will be as snarky, classy, or irreverent as you like — your choice — but the quality will always be top-of-the-line.