Stumptown Hair Bender Blend Coffee

The most celebrated blend by one of the most celebrated coffee companies.

There’s coffee and then there’s Stumptown Coffee. Founded in 1999, the Portland-based company’s refusal to cut corners, and insistence on going the extra mile (or extra couple thousand miles) to source the best beans, has made Stumptown the trademark of quality for coffee lovers nationwide. And here’s a bag of the blend that started it all, named after the beauty parlor that became Stumptown’s very first café. A blend of beans from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa, Hair Bender has a complex flavor profile with notes of sweet citrus, dark chocolate, and raisins. There’s no wrong way to brew it, but it’s widely praised as a top-notch espresso blend. We recommend playing around with it — whether you use it to make cold brew or a latté, you’re bound to enjoy it.

Hair Bender is where the Stumptown story began, but so many delicious chapters have been written since then. Find a location to enjoy a cup, order some beans to make your own, or read their take on the many ways to enjoy coffee, at