Spiceology Pizza Pie Seasoning

Just a sprinkle will take your pizza to the next level of deliciousness.

It’s pretty difficult to make a lousy pizza — and with this box, the chances of that occurring are exactly zero. But that razor-thin difference between a delicious pizza and a truly great pizza depends on the little things — touches you might not always remember, but when you do, they create an unforgettable experience. You may think it’s not necessary to adorn your slice or pie with seasoning, but once you’ve tried Spiceology’s Pizza Pie seasoning, no pizza will feel complete without it.

Like all Spiceology products, Pizza Pie seasoning is created by professional chefs. They don’t only make the blends, but they also source the ingredients to ensure the finest quality. In this case, that includes oregano, fennel, basil, and garlic, among others. One ingredient you won’t find, however, is salt. Going salt-free lets the other flavors come through in all their glory, in perfect harmony — and it makes for a much healthier pizza topping besides.


Spiceology named this seasoning Pizza Pie, but it’s ideal for a multitude of dishes. Sprinkle it on veggies with a little olive oil before roasting. Use it with pasta, from classic spaghetti pomodoro to creamy mac & cheese, to give sauces a little extra zing. Use it instead of salt on French fries. And it tastes great on meat and poultry of all kinds, from chili to burgers to grilled or fried chicken. Use it often, and use it guilt-free, because Pizza Pie Seasoning contains less than .25 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Spiceology is what happens when you get some of the most talented chefs in the food service industry and let their imaginations run wild, utilizing the finest quality herbs, chiles, salts, fruits and vegetables in the process. Their blends are for chefs of all stripes, from novices to professionals. And they’ll help take your pizzas — and pretty much everything else you cook — to a whole new level. Check out their hundreds of spice blends, condiments, powders, salts and more, as well as terrific bespoke recipes like the Salt-Free Italian Sausage Soup that features Pizza Pie Seasoning, at spiceology.com