Spiceology Nutmeg

The classic holiday-time seasoning is a great year-round addition to espresso martinis.

The mere mention of the word “nutmeg” evokes memories of sweater weather and the holiday season, as well as the treats that go with them, like hot chocolate, eggnog, and cookies, to name a few. But nutmeg is a year-round treat. Its classic sweet-savory-spicy flavor combo goes with everything from béchamel sauce to Greek and Italian pasta dishes to roasted meats to sweet potatoes. There’s no need to wait for cold weather to use this versatile spice.

So what does nutmeg have to do with espresso martinis? Everything, as you’ll soon taste! You’ll find ground nutmeg in many a cocktail recipe, from hot toddies to coquito to Brandy Alexanders. But it’s also a terrific addition to the star of this box, the espresso martini. Its nutty, warm flavors pair beautifully with the sweet chocolate notes of the cocktail, while its sweet elements complement the rich, slightly bitter notes of the coffee. It adds that little extra something —  a touch of depth and complexity —  that turns a good espresso martini into a great one. 

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