Sophisticated Wine Gummies

When you can’t have a glass, have a gummy.

A spritz you can keep in your pocket and enjoy while driving? Let us explain.

“Gummies” and “sophisticated” aren’t two words you’ll normally see together, but in this case it’s absolutely warranted. Don’t ask us how, but the alchemists at Vinoos have taken the essence of sparkling rosé — crisp, fruity, floral, lightly tart, a little sweet, utterly refreshing — and condensed it into bite-sized gummy candies. You may even feel a little tingle on the tongue when you bite into one. It’s the wine without the glass, or the alcohol, the perfect substitute for those times when you want the flavor of a delicious rosé but can’t pop open a bottle.

Vinoos gummies satisfy your wine cravings wherever you find yourself — hiking, camping, biking, and yes, even driving (they are alcohol- free, after all). They’re an ideal gift and a fun party treat, especially when tasting the gummies side by side with actual sparkling rosé. The flavor is that authentic. And yet, no polysyllabic chemicals or artificial flavors are used in the making of Vinoos gummies. No artificial colors, either. Partnering with a Michelin-starred chef and a food researching institute, the woman-owned company has unlocked the secrets to creating gummies with an authentic wine flavor that are also responsibly made. Vinoos gummies are vegan, organic, and handmade. Even the packaging, made from sustainable unbleached paper, is eco-friendly.

The Netherlands-based Vinoos was founded on the premise that wine brings people together... but what about those times when it’s inopportune to drink wine? Vinoos’ gummies make any time “wine o’clock” and any occasion a festive one. As founder Mireille Reuling says, “It’s not about the candy, it’s about the conversation.” And this remarkable confection is sure to spark plenty of conversation in its own right. To find out more about Vinoos and to see their other flavors of wine gummies, find them online at