Perfectly Toasted Marshmallows, No Stick or Fire Required

Toasted marshmallows are so good, they’re practically an excuse to go camping in themselves. If only it were possible to have that rich, gooey, toasty, ever-so-slightly smoky flavor anywhere. That’s what the folks at Smashmallow thought, too. And we don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to get all that toasty flavor into a ready-to-eat, take-anywhere-with-you marshmallow that even sports the familiar toasty brown top.

Regardless of whatever magic they used, Smashmallow’s Toasted Vanilla Snackable Marshmallows are a delicious and healthy snack. That’s right, we said healthy. Smashmallows are made with exclusively non-GMO ingredients including organic cane sugar. They’re also naturally gluten free, and they’re only 25 calories each. And exactly zero flavor was sacrificed in the process, as you’ll confirm when you sink your teeth into one of the mouth-watering puffs you’ll find in the Vices Fireside Edition. A few Smashmallows are enough to quiet even the most demanding sweet tooth.

You can eat your Smashmallows straight from the bag, or you can get creative. Use them to add a little extra zing to hot chocolate or coffee. Bake them into your favorite cookies and cereal bars. The toasting adds a dimension of flavor you don’t get with ordinary marshmallows. And of course you can bring them to your next campfire and make the best s’mores you’ve ever tasted.

The Smashmallow folks are true marshmallow artistes, having created more than a dozen flavors and plenty of fun recipes to try — for those who can resist eating them long enough to cook with them.It can be a challenge, believe us. Have a look at their selections at