This summer, traveling anywhere, let alone the far-flung islands of Greece, is an endeavor that’s difficult if not impossible. So we’re bringing a little bit of Greece to you, in the form of this bottle of Skinos Mastiha Spirit.

You may never have heard of mastiha (also known as mastic), but it’s been a part of Greek life for three thousand years. Mastiha is a resin that comes from the tree of the same name, which can be found only on the island of Chios in Greece. Since ancient times, it’s been used for medicinal purposes and as a beauty aid —the resin was also chewed to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Its benefits were lauded by the Greek historian Herodotus in the 5th century, B.C.

As far back as the Roman Empire, mastiha was mixed with wine. Today, it’s blended with distilled grain spirits and sugar to form a uniquely Greek elixir —Skinos. Its cool, clean, piney flavor with hints of mint and anise is slightly reminiscent of gin. It’s best served icy cold, or you can try it in sparkling cocktails.

Even if your body is stuck in quarantine, your taste buds can enjoy a trip to Chios —with the hopes that the rest of you can be there next summer.