Sit Down with MetPro Founder, Angelo Poli


There's no secret answer to achieving an incredible body. Most will tell you that it takes dedication to both eating healthy and exercising. Yet, with thousands of different nutrition and fitness strategies out there, how do you know which strategy is going to work best for you?

Enter MetPro, the "secret" that has helped thousands of individuals transform their bodies––from the most recognizable names in sports, entertainment, and business to those looking to get unstuck and achieve their goals once and for all.

After years of research and overcoming his own crippling injury himself, MetPro Founder Angelo Poli discovered a common theme during the early years of coaching his clients. He wondered why some of his clients were putting in the same exact hours at the gym and eating healthily, yet the results were shockingly different.

To solve this problem, Poli founded the world’s first algorithm-based transformation engine that is focused on providing individualized nutrition and fitness coaching.

Using a process called Metabolic Profiling, Poli and his highly respected team are able to analyze a person’s specific response to diet and activity and make adjustments based on how their body responds. 

Each adjustment takes into account the individual’s personal metabolic rate, goals, and lifestyle needs. This unique process has allowed the team at MetPro to quickly redirect their client’s strategy so that they’re always moving toward their greatest results.


We’re thrilled to introduce you to the man behind this health phenomenon. It just might be the ticket to helping you become your best self in 2020.

RV: Hi Angelo!

POLI: Hi, Vices.

RV: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

POLI: Sure, I've been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years. After experiencing a bad injury, and walking with a cane for about 10 years, I was almost ready to leave the industry ––but I was too passionate about the science of human transformation. After years of research about nutrition, I began traveling to hospitals, universities, and gyms and putting on seminars that educated people about the reality of the metabolism.

The metabolism is really the reason the one-size-fits-all approach to health does not work. Your metabolism is unique to you. My seminar material quickly evolved into a testing project and then a book, and finally, to where we are now, which is our concierge coaching service.



RV: So, let's say we want to sign up for a MetPro program, what is our first step?

POLI: The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our Metabolic Experts. This opportunity allows our team to understand your current struggles, successes, and goals. That intake information is followed by Baseline Testing, a process solely based on your nutrition and how you respond. This is the phase that will hone in on your metabolism, where you’ll meet your personal coach and really get down to the nitty-gritty of how your body burns or stores energy.

RV: And Baseline Testing tells us about our metabolism?

POLI: Yes. The Baseline Testing process is only 3–4 days, but it's intensive. It’s a structured meal plan we ask you to follow closely. We are going to put you on a benchmark meal plan to pace your metabolism to see in real-time how your body responds. In the end, we can tell if your baseline rate is faster than average, slower than average or neutral. Then, our concierge coaches create a training and nutrition strategy that's specific to you.

RV: In your opinion, what’s the biggest challenge facing the weight loss industry today?


POLI: Fad diets come and go. There are too many options and not enough personalized direction. New diets hit the market daily, complete with mobs swearing that they’re the greatest. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Most diets will be gone tomorrow
  • All work for a subset of people
  • None have been optimized for you


My team at MetPro is challenging the status quo and making advancements in personal nutrition coaching. We believe the right science and expertise is the key to transforming.


RV: Who is MetPro for?

POLI: MetPro is for anyone seeking to better understand their body. Many of our clients are looking to lose weight, increase their athletic performance, or achieve specific aesthetic results. MetPro is perfect for the busy executive who is constantly traveling. We have a lot of celebrity and athlete clients who need to perform at their best, but we also have clients who just want to lose weight and feel better for good. Our unique approach allows us to get to know our client’s goals and lifestyle while identifying which tools will provide the most leverage for changing their body and health.


RV: If we travel a lot, how difficult is it to stay on plan?

POLI: The magic of this is all about time management. Our coaches are available over text, phone, and email for their clients to guide them and provide them with the support and education they need to live a healthier life. You are with one coach––not several. For those that travel frequently, your coach will investigate not only the menu at your hotel, highlighting what to eat and when, but will also find nearby restaurants, and send you options on those menus, too. From actors to Olympic athletes, and business professionals, particularly those who travel a lot and have demanding schedules, our concierge level of service allows our clients to focus on their day-to-day, while we take care of the rest.

RV: What makes MetPro different than other programs on the market?

POLI: Most of the diet industry relies on a pill, product, or plan they believe is the solution before getting to know you. At MetPro, we’re after the facts. 

Our proven strategy evolves through careful consideration of:


  • Your past and present diet history 
  • Your personal exercise routine 
  • And, key lifestyle components


You have to get to know someone before predicting how they’ll respond in certain situations. Your metabolism works the same way. We’ll get to know yours by comparing your metabolic disposition against data from thousands of other successful transformations.


RV: Thank you, Angelo, for sharing your story and expertise with our audience!


POLI: My pleasure. Our entire team, from coaches to developers, is driven by the idea that there are a new science and standard in sight that will help millions to reach their goals. It is our sincerest hope that you enjoy the process as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


If you have any questions on how our tools and team can help you achieve your most important goals, we would be thrilled to speak with you and discuss a plan for how we can help you accomplish them.

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