shār snacks Impossibly Good Trail Mix

Good For You, Good For The Planet, AND Delicious — A Rare Trifecta!

We’ve never put a whole lot of thought into trail mix — likely because the most of the companies that make trail mix don’t seem to put a lot of thought into it, either. But trail mix can be so much more than a grab-bag of random nuts and dried fruits. Taking care in the ingredients you use, and where you source them from, actually makes a better final product! Who would have guessed?

This stunning melange, sourced from all over the US and as far away as Sri Lanka and Vietnam, is more than just fuel for when you’re hiking or climbing or swimming or biking or any of the fun things you might find yourself up to on an excursion. It’s a healthy and mouthwatering snack for curling up in front of the TV, reading the paper, or other, more sedentary delights. And what makes shār even better is that each ingredient is organic, small-batch, and responsibly sourced.

As much attention is paid to the packaging as the ingredients inside. The tube in which the trail mix comes is designed to travel easily and securely wherever you go. It fits into the side pocket of a backpack, the cup holder in a car, or a tray on a plane. The paper used to make it is recyclable and biodegradable, and it’s also reusable for up to a year. Best of all, it leaves no carbon footprint — in fact, shār’s entire operation is carbon neutral certified. And 20% of all profits go to the Conservation Alliance, an organization devoted to protecting wild environments since 1989.

But you won’t feel good just from knowing you’re helping the earth. You’ll feel great from eating an all-natural, gluten-free snack that’s rich in nutrients and free of any chemicals that will harm you or the planet. We’re talking family-grown and harvested pistachios from California; stunningly flavorful whole pecans from Texas; naturally air-dried whole blueberries from Washington state; all-organic coconut flakes from Sri Lanka; and more. And if you’re wondering why there’s luscious chocolate in your trail mix, it’s because chocolate is rich in antioxidants as well as flavor. This isn’t just any chocolate, either — it’s fair-trade certified and made by a fifth-generation San Francisco chocolatier. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.

Handcrafted in Austin, TX, shār’s Impossibly Good Trail Mix is about to become an essential part of your life, whether you’re out backpacking or at home trying to avoid processed snack foods. To get all the details about what’s in your package, or to order more, visit