Apple season may be over, but Vermont-based Shacksbury has you covered in the meantime, with some of the most delicious ciders weve ever tried. And were crazy about their new Lo-Ball, a whiskey-influenced citrus-y highballsparkling cider that comes in a convenient 8-ounce can. 

Theres no whiskey in Lo-Ball, but light aging in oak brings out tannins that give the cider a crisp, dry, slightly whiskey-esque feel. On top of that, they added a citrus tincture that adds another layer of complexity. And what else is in Lo-Ball, you might wonder?  Nothing! No added sugar, colors, flavors, or anything thats not supposed to be there. Thats why each 8-ounce serving of Lo-Ball has only 70 calories and 2 grams of sugar, with a not-too-weak and not-too-strong ABV of 4.8%. 

Shacksbury has been making cider in the Champlain Valley of Vermont since 2013, and since then theyve won plaudits from the Washington Post, Food & Wine, and USA Today, among others. Their ciders are a little taste of New England in a can — and way more appealing than the latest hard seltzer du jour. Once youve tried Lo-Ball and decided that you need to dive deeper into the Shacksbury line of ciders, visit their website: