Sempli Select

Glassware as Striking as the Whisky it Contains

Creating a beautiful whisky is the job of the people who distill it, age it, blend it, and finally bottle it. But once you bring it home and open it up, the responsibility for a beautiful whisky experience becomes yours. Where, when and how you decide to taste it can elevate or diminish the impact of the spirit. Of course, one of the most important aspects of a whisky experience is the glassware. Doing justice to a great spirit requires drinking it from a vessel of the same elegance and quality. So to make sure you enjoy your Starward Nova whisky (or any fine spirits in your collection) to the fullest, we’re getting you acquainted with the beautiful Ghia Old-Fashioned Glass you’ll encounter in the Whisky Poet Edition, along with the Re Crystal Spirits Decanter — both of which are Vices exclusives brought to you in partnership with newly-launched Sempli Select!

A spirits decanter is a most elegant addition to any bar or liquor shelf. The Re Decanter holds a full 750 mL bottle of any spirit. Both the decanter and stopper are made from the finest lead-free crystal, so a spirit can be stored inside for months or even years. Its elegant facets make it as beautiful as it is useful — a crown jewel of any home bar or table setting.

The Ghia Old Fashioned glass holds up to 11.5 ounces of your favorite spirit or beverage. Also made from lead-free crystal, its look is inspired by the famed ice sculptures of the frosty Nordic region. The glacier-like texture serves an aesthetic purpose, but it also makes the glass easier to hold. It’s big enough to hold the Viski ice sphere mold (also included herein), for the ultimate Old Fashioned. It’s quick and easy — muddle a sugar cube (or a teaspoon or so of sugar) with several dashes of bitters and a little water until the sugar is dissolved; then add 2-3 ounces of your Starward Nova whisky, stir, and finally add the ice sphere. It’s a classic cocktail that looks as good as it tastes.

Sempli Select is the brainchild of designer Daniele “Danne” Semeraro. A Swedish native who’s also lived, studied and worked in Italy, Semeraro’s designs combine Swedish functionality with Italian elegance. Based in Los Angeles, Sempli’s glassware is made only of the finest lead-free crystal. Each design comes from Danne’s understanding of how important the glass is to the drinking experience - whether it’s wine, whisky, or water. Sempli Select expands Sempli’s range to include a wider variety of glassware, lighting, and accessories, while remaining true to Danne’s aesthetic and design heritage. To see it all, visit