Ridley's Coffee Lover's Jigsaw Puzzle

You don’t have to drink coffee to love this puzzle... but it helps!

There are people who drink coffee. There are people who love coffee. And there are people who live coffee. This coffee-centric jigsaw puzzle was created with coffee obsessives in mind, but it’s fun for everyone — even tea drinkers. This 500-piece puzzle features pictures and descriptions of coffee drinks of all stripes, ranging from the Flat White to the Espresso Martini, and it’s as stimulating in its own way as a good cup of joe. When you’re done jigsawing, keep the pieces in the branded tube... which resembles an old-school coffee can. A nice touch!

Ridley’s Games creates puzzles, card games, and other analog toys for both kids and adults, with great looking retro-style packaging that appeals to hipsters of all ages. They’re the perfect reason to unplug from screens from a bit, and can’t we all use a little more of that? Check out all they have to offer at chroniclebooks.com/collections/ridleys-games