Q Mixers aren’t sodas, nor are they carbonated beverages —although if you were to pour one of them over some ice, you’d likely find it remarkably tasty. Brooklyn-based Q Mixers were created to combine with alcoholic spirits to make the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted. In fact, the entire endeavor began with one simple question: shouldn’t your tonic be as good as your gin?

Q Mixers makes superb tonic water, excellent ginger beer, sublime club soda, delicious cola and so on — their roster is pretty spectacular. In fact, each bottle of Q Mixers says “Spectacular” right on the label. We’re starting you on your journey into Q with a bottle of their grapefruit soda, included in this edition.

Q Grapefruit is unlike other grapefruit sodas — it actually tastes like grapefruit rather than a duplicate flavor engineered in a laboratory. The (short) list of ingredients is clear of any polysyllabic words that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce. Carbonated water, sugar, grapefruit, and not much else. It’s tart, bitter, and just a touch sweet —a perfect mixer for a Paloma, a Greyhound, or any cocktail that calls for grapefruit. And with the spirits enclosed in this edition, you can get creative and explore the mixological possibilities.