Pursoma Sweat & Rest Bath Ritual

Take time out for yourself and create a new wellness ritual. 

A quick shower after a workout will help get you clean. But to truly revitalize your body post-exercise, and replenish what’s been lost, requires something more. It’s hard to believe your body and mind can get so much out of a simple packet of bath salts. But you’re about to discover that the ideal bath is a wellness tool that replenishes on an emotional, mental and physical level. It’s the kind of self-care ritual that, once you try it, will become a regular and essential part of your routine. You may have tried Epsom salts before, but trust us, you’ve never tried bath salts like the ones from Pursoma.

It starts with the salt. In this case, it’s French grey sea salt, which Pursoma likes to call “the superfood of the earth.” Sustainably hand-harvested from the coast of Brittany, the naturally dried crystals are embedded with more than 80 vital trace minerals that replenish electrolytes and improve circulation, among many other benefits. Pursoma’s Sweat & Rest complements the salt with lavender oil, uplifting and calming hemlock spruce oil, sea bed magnesium, and ho wood oil (cinnamomum camphora), which is known to ease congestion. This combination is designed to relax muscles after a hard workout, soothing your fatigued body and promoting deep relaxation and a clear mind. It’s the perfect excuse to turn off your devices, forget about the daily grind, and devote time to you.

How to do it? First, put your phone on airplane mode! Then pour the desired amount of salt into a hot tub, and soak for 20-30 minutes — making sure to hydrate throughout the experience. Out go the toxins, in go the essential oils and minerals. Out goes stress, in comes clarity and peace of mind. After exiting the tub, relax under a blanket or robe, as your body continues to sweat and rest. Ir’s the ideal end to a tough workout or any strenuous physical activity — restoring, replenishing and nurturing both body and spirit. Including this kind of soak as part of your workout routine will make you feel better — and it’ll make you look forward to exercising even more.

Founded and run by entrepreneur Shannon Vaughn, Pursoma takes a twofold approach to personal wellness. First, by sourcing the purest and most potent detox beauty and wellness ingredients in the world, and formulating them with the most rigorous research. Secondly, by creating rituals around their use that encourage unplugging, at least temporarily, 

from work and other daily distractions. By using Pursoma’s products like Sweat & Rest and allowing yourself to recharge mentally as well as physically, the whole self is energized. To read more about the philosophy behind Pursoma, find out about the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, and explore their other products, visit them at pursomalife.com.