Prince Of Scots

Teardrop Bar Spoon In Silver.

Despite what James Bond may say, “shaken not stirred” isn’t always the way to go with cocktails. Shaking produces aeration — lots of tiny bubbles — and that creates a frothy drink, not a smooth one. For cocktails like the mai tai or margarita, a little froth is a good thing. For a martini, a Manhattan, or —to get right to the point — a Bloody Mary, not so much. For a smooth, elegant, composed cocktail, stirring is the way to go. And to really do the job right, you need a quality barspoon. That’s why we’ve included this teardrop spoon from Prince Of Scots in your all-encompassing Bloody Mary box.

This Japanese-style bar spoon stands 11 3/4” tall, good for even the most mammoth of Bloody Marys. Its long coil handle and concave spoon make it the ultimate tool for easy stirring with minimum strain on the wrist and fingers. You’ll find your own stirring speed, but we recommend a relaxed pace — the extra time you take with your drink will be worth it.

Prince of Scots has a host of top-notch barware for both home and professional use, along with a vast selection of Scottish-inspired items for the home and for travel. While you sip on your perfectly mixed Bloody Mary, head on over to their website: