Potting Shed Garden-in-a-Bag Basil Plant

There are few aromas as delightful as that of fresh basil, straight from the garden.

Adding fresh basil to a pizza sends an already-delicious dish into the stratosphere of culinary genius. Of course, not all of us have a garden in which to grow basil. But that doesn’t matter now, thanks to Potting Shed Creations and their ingenious Garden-In-A-Bag. It’s a simple, compact, and practically foolproof method that gives just about every would-be gardener a green thumb, and gives every home chef a leg up on creative and flavorful meals. Garden-In-A-Bag stands a mere 7” high by 6” wide, so it can fit anywhere in your home.

Basil tastes terrific dried, but fresh basil straight from the plant is a taste sensation all its own. Garden-In-A-Bag is the easiest and most space-efficient way we’ve seen to grow fresh basil — as well as plenty of other herbs, flowers and plants. The bag is actually used to grow the seeds and soil it contains. Sprinkle the seeds on the soil and keep it moist and covered with a plastic baggie. Within 7-10 days, you should start to see sprouting, and within 6 weeks you’ll be able to start harvesting beautifully aromatic leaves from the plant to go directly into your dishes. Use the miniature leaves as the ultimate pizza topping, with no chopping required. And don’t limit yourself to pizza! Use it in tomato- based sauces or mix it with garlic, olive oil, and pine nuts for an out-of-this-world pesto. It makes an incredible tomato-basil soup or caprese salad. It even works in desserts, from cakes to sorbets to popsicles.

Based in Northern Idaho, the Potting Shed Creations team builds its kits by hand, and their portfolio of seed kits includes dozens of herbs, flowers, plants, succulents and more.

And their upcycled “bottle gardens” have saved more than 100,000 bottles from landfills to date. To see what else they have to offer, find them online at pottingshedcreations.com.