One of our favorite wintertime smells is a batch of mulled wine heating on the stove, redolent of fruit and festive seasonal spices like cinnamon and clove, ready to warm us up as we shed our gloves and coats and scarves. And now, its never been easier to get that smell, and that taste— Owls Brew has done the work for you with their bottled mulling spices. 

Theres no artificial flavoring in Owls Brew Mulling Spices — it all comes from real fruit (namely cranberry and apple) and fresh-brewed tea (chai, to be precise). Simply mix equal parts mulling spices and red wine, heat it up with some fresh fruit slices and a few cloves and cinnamon sticks, and youve got the recipe for a great holiday partyor a quiet evening of watching the snow fall outside the window.  

You dont have to limit yourself to mulled wine Owls Brew Mulling Spices are nothing if not versatile. Try them chilled for a refreshing sangria. Or switch out the red wine altogether and make a punch using bourbon, rum, or sparkling wine. If youre in the mood for a non-alcoholic treat, try mulling spices with seltzer for an amazing seasonal soda. And once youve used up your bottle, visit www.theowlsbrew.com for more, and check out their selection of mixers and ready-to-drink beverages while youre at it.