Oliver Pluff & Co. take their tea seriously. How seriously? Theyre literally historians of tea and other early American beverages. The Charleston-based company sells teas that were popular in the colonial era, alongside more modern fare, and tea with their name on it is a veritable trademark of quality.  

Take their blueberry tea, for example, which weve included in your advent calendar. It combines the finest Chinese black tea — which would have been imported to the American colonies by the British — along with blueberries and arena berries, both of which are native to North America and were used by Native Americans before the colonists set foot in what they called the New World. Youre getting a little American heritage in every sip. 

Youre also getting a delicious cup of tea. The strong Chinese black tea leaves and the mellow sweetness of the blueberries makes for a combination youll want to revisit. And we know just the place where you can do so — www.oliverpluff.com, where you can learn a thing or two about the long history of tea in America, and pick up some history in a cupas well.