Its rarely a good idea to mess with perfection. But Mike OgreWeeks already did it once when he tweaked his grandmas barbecue sauce recipe and created Ogre Sauce an all natural, preservative-free sauce with no high fructose corn syrup thats not quite like any regionally-based sauce weve had. So it was only a matter of time before he tweaked it again. And the result is a gift to all of us who like to sweat a bit when were eating our cue. 

Not that Ogre HOT is a barbecue-exclusive sauce. On the contrary, its ridiculously versatile. Fans have written in with literally dozens of uses for it, from meatloaf to pizza to salmon to grilling bacon and everything in between. The secret? Its a blend of three different styles of sauce. Youll taste the vinegar from Eastern North Carolina, the tomato from Western NC, and mustard and honey from South Carolina. With Ogre HOT, theyve added a pinch of Carolina Reaper — the worlds hottest pepper — to the classic formula. It adds heat without overwhelming the Ogre flavor beloved by fans nationwide. If you like it hot, youre gonna love it.  


A little Ogre can add pizzazz to any meal, whether its smoked pork barbecue or a veggie plate. But after trying it, we get the feeling youre going to need a lot of it. Order more at www.ogresauce.com.