NY Slice Outside of NY

A Guide to New York Pizza ... Outside New York 

By Jenny Adams

The best things in life are simple. 

In New York terms, that’s symbolized by the city’s most famous symbol––The New York Slice.You source such a sainted pizza moment curbside. A triangle of cheese and toppings is handed forth on a thin, white, paper plate, a.k.a., the grease catcher. A few napkins in one hand, you fold the slice in half, tilt your head 45-degrees and bite, pulling back to let the strand of cheese dangle in the air like a tightrope to heaven.

Yet, what if, horror-upon-horrors, you don’t live in Manhattan or Brooklyn? What if you cannot get to New York City, but you can’t stop dreaming of that thin crust, that molten cheese, and those little perfect, crispy edges on round slices of pepperoni?

Well, we crowd sourced the best New York-style pizza outside of the Five Boroughs.

The results are in ....

In New Orleans ...

Pizza Delicious

The Facts: Commonly shortened to“Pizza D,” this place was opened by two guys from New York, who were just as obsessed as the rest of us. When they moved down South, they found an industrial space in the Bywater neighborhood. The classic is just as divine as Joe’s on Carmine, but it’s Nola and getting spicy is always advised. Order the Hot Soppressata, with Italian salami, sweet marinated peppers and pickled red onion to take it up a notch. Visit ... http://pizzadelicious.com/.

In Seattle ...

Dino’s Tomato Pie

This place has cocktails on tap, and they might be reason enough to stop in. But the pies have that irresistible chew thing we love with a good New York crust, plenty of cheese and a twice-bake that yields that perfect sliver of char on the crust edge. They also do a fine Sicilian square pie here, but that’s another blog for another day. Go forth and appreciate all the toppings too, from anchovies to pickled peppers, basil leaves to pineapple. Visit ... www.dinostomatopie.com

In Las Vegas ...

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Every once in a while in New York City, you get a moment of Naples. We are talking about places like Motorino and Luzzo’s both absolutely worth your time and located in the East Village. The style from the old country has that same, great, foldable crust, but in Naples, they dot the pizza with big hunks of mozzarella, not shredded. At this joint in Sin City, the pies come out picture perfect. So perfect in fact, they are recogizned by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN). The VPN certifies pizzerias all over the world to ensure the integrity of the pizza making process as it was created in Napoli centuries ago and this was one of the very first ever recognized in America. Visit ... https://www.settebello.net/our-story.

In Los Angeles...

Town Pizza

Tucked in the heart of historic Highland Park, you’ll find Town Pizza, a no-frills joint devoted to great pies. They do a 10-inch personal that can be ordered build-your-own and these guys insist on organic tomato sauce with nearly a dozen cheese choices. Additions like roast pork and figs might make a purist roll his or her eyes. But, hey, it’s California. Just order the classic.Visit ... http://www.townla.com/.

In Los Angeles again...

De La Nonna

Right in the middle of L.A.’s fun Arts District you’ll discover that perfect slice you were after, with a side of craft cocktails and an amazing patio space. The Roasted Mushroom, with garlic cream sauce, a fresh scattering of herbs and hefty black pepper is a cool twist on the classic slice and they also offer a daily market pizza special, as well as gluten free options. Visit ... https://www.delanonna.com/menus.

In San Francisco...

Escape from New York

A great chain, with great delivery, the Downtown location offers curbside seating and a Happy Hour with $3 slices. Hey, you’ll know you’re not in the West Village, but you won’t suffer for authentic flavor. Get the Godfather, with olive oil and garlic on the base, spicy salami, pepperocini, red onions, mozzarella and feta. Visit ...https://escapefromnewyorkpizza.com/home/downtown/.

In Denver...

Famous Original J’s

Just like the Big Apple, the slices here are handed out of walk-up windows and are enjoyed at tables al fresco. New York crust also requires New York water to achieve that perfect combination of crisp and chew. The owners here know that, believe in it and actually use a proprietary filtration system to mimic New York’s style of water. Is it worth it? Yes, yes it is. Visit ... https://famousoriginaljs.com/.