Noshinku Bergamot Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Here's to healthy, happy, hydrated hands that smell amazing.

Nowadays, hand sanitizer is as much of a travel essential as a toothbrush or clean underwear. The only problem is finding a good hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your skin, smell like alcohol, leave a filmy residue, or, heaven forbid, all of the above. It took some searching, but we’ve found a hand sanitizer so delightful and so skin-friendly that you’ll actually look forward to using it — in a package as sleek and stylish as you are.

Noshinku’s Bergamot Pocket Hand Sanitizer starts out with a base of 70% ethyl alcohol, distilled from natural sugarcane, that kills 99.9% of germs naturally and without chemicals. But that’s just part of the job it does. The fragrant, 100% organic blend is fronted by oil of bergamot, with jojoba, reship, organ, and coconut as supporting players. Its invigorating citric, woody and herbaceous aroma makes it a pleasure to use, and it hydrates and protects your skin while it cleans. Is it a skincare product or a germ-slaughtering hand sanitizer? It’s both!

The pocket-sized sanitizer is perfect for anything from a cross-country flight to a trip to the store. It slips easily into a pocket or purse, and delivers a gentle mist to freshen and cleanse your hands anytime, anywhere. And it’s not just handy — it’s sexy, packaged in a slim and sleek case that can stand proudly next to the most upscale colognes and skin care products in your travel bag.