Nicholas Vahé Olive Oil with Garlic

Add a blast of flavor to your olive oil — and your pizza.

Olive oil is added to pizza crust for a practical reason — namely, that the oil makes it easier to stretch out the dough before baking, without making holes. Of course, the secondary purpose is to add flavor to the finished pizza. Nicholas Vahé’s Olive Oil With Garlic takes care of job #1 by helping create a soft, malleable crust that turns crispy in the oven. And as for flavor, it dials up olive oil’s traditional savory notes with the addition of real garlic into the oil itself — just look at the enclosed bottle and you’ll see for yourself. The subtle but distinct garlic notes in the oil add an extra dimension of flavor that’s more elegant and harmonious than garlic salt or chopped garlic bulbs... although if you’re the kind of pizza lover for whom too much garlic is like too much fresh air, you’ll get no objections from us!

This extra virgin olive oil from Nicolas Vahé rounds off a multitude of dishes with its distinct garlic flavor. Dip your bread in the oil as a starter, and then try it on grilled meat, lamb, vegetables or pasta dishes. This oil does it all. And extra virgin olive oil is as healthy as it is tasty. It’s high in antioxidants, and it contains phytochemicals which help to lower blood pressure, as well as cutting the risk of heart disease and stroke. Many reports show that olive oil can lower the risk of certain types of cancer. This is one indulgence that can become an everyday habit, whether or not pizza is on the menu.

The crew behind Nicholas Vahé believes that it should be easy to eat great, tasteful, and healthy food every single day. It is their mission to develop and keep developing delicious products made on behalf of their strong belief in, and preference for, raw ingredients and food of the highest quality. The olive oil you’ll find in this Pizza Box represents the tiniest fraction of the brand’s scope. From bakeware to beer, marinades to honey, jams to sauces, they make and source only the best. Along with its partner companies — ByNORD, House Doctor, and Meraki — Nicholas Vahé is part of the Society of Lifestyle, which gives consumers a place to turn for inspiration to create a life with joy and space for living. To see the entire spectrum of their offerings, visit them at