"New" in New Orleans


The city of New Orleans celebrated its 300th birthday this past year. While most town's cannot come close to claiming that age––nor the fabulous architecture that comes along with it––there is no resting or lack of construction in the Big Easy. We strolled the French Quarter and beyond find out what's fresh in New Orleans.


Jewel of the South -- from the famed barman Chris Hannah, who held the reins at Arnaud's for more than a decade -- has co-opened a Southern-focused cocktail tavern with twists on 19th century classics, like their Brandy Alaca -- a Crusta version made with smokey mezcal and cinnamon tequila. There's also a tree growing up through the patio, that provides loquats for fresh fruit cocktails

Palm & Pine -- foodies have long loved Bayona for a fine-dining experience in the French Quarter. Now, Bayona's former chef has opened this twist on Latin-meets-Soul-food a few blocks over on N. Rampart. Dishes like a Crispy Pig Ear & Cantaloupe salad and Spanish Mussels topped with Fried Chicken Skins are unlike anything you've ever had -- in the best possible way.

Clairin Comes to the City -- Clairin is Haitian Rum. It's a whole new category only being exported to Europe and a few American cities. New Orleans is the hottest market to try this 300-year-old traditional style distillate, marked by funky undertones and grassy, sweet notes. We like Cane & Table for a Clairin Daiquiri or for a tasting. They stock three different styles. 

Red Truck Gallery Expansion -- fans of eclectic, pop-surrealism, contemporary art will love this gallery and the fact that it now has 2 locations. You can now visit the original Red Truck for exhibitions and then stroll directly across Ursulines to their adjacent additional space, which hosts a rotating, international collection for sale.