Some of us go for vodka-and-sodas, some of us take our whiskey neat, some of us like an icy cold beer. But theres one thing we can all agree on the worst part of drinking is the morning after. Weve tried all the hangover hacks, from pills to potions to guzzling gallons of water before, during, and after a night of imbibing. But theres a better way! This simple, all-natural, one-bottle prevention system may be the best weve tried.  

More Labs Morning Recovery is a science-backed liverdetox shot designed to help you outsmart rough mornings after drinking. Just take one bottle while drinking and wake up feeling your best.Its vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, naturally flavored, and very importantly, caffeine-free, so youll be able to sleep after last call. How does it do the trick? The More Labs team knows that hydration alone doesnt solve the real problem posed by alcohol, which is toxins that build up in the bloodstream if youre drinking faster than your liver can process it all. Morning Recovery takes aim at those toxins and helps break them down faster — and that helps you feel better in the morning.  

What makes a good thing even better is that you dont have to pregamewith a bottle of Morning Recovery. You can have it before you start drinking alcohol, during your night out, or even up to an hour after you stop drinking, and itll still do the trick. And one 100 ml bottle (about 3.4 ounces) is all you need.  So have a good time this holiday season weve got you covered. And to make sure you stay covered, go to and take 20% off any of their system-optimizing products.