The holidays mean so many things: home, family, togethernessand stress. But fear not, were here to help, courtesy of MOLY and their Harmonyherbal tea. Harmony is a truly miraculous elixir, helping to quell the symptoms of stress and anxiety without causing drowsiness or affecting alertness. The secret is in the herbal mixture, prepared in Greece but using botanicals from around the world. 

How does Harmony relax and invigorate? Its thanks to MOLYs extensive knowledge of herbs and how they interact with the nervous system. Indian ginseng reduces the negative effects of stress while enhancing physical and mental endurance. Skullcap from Virginia slows down a racing mind and helps reduce mental exhaustion. Lemon balm helps boost a stressed-out body and is used to alleviate depression. Damask rose is used for its taste and aroma as well as its ability to quell panic attacks. And a bit of liquorice helps the mixture taste as good as it makes you feel. 

MOLY was founded in Greece in 2017, but the traditions it espouses date back to ancient Greece. The name itself comes from Greek mythology, Moly being the mythical antidote Hermes gave Odysseus to protect him from Circe in Homers Odyssey. The companys goal is to use its herbal beverages to stimulate all five senses — even touch. Thats why each handcrafted tea bag uses a velvety stem from the Greek herb sideritis scardia rather than a traditional string. Such attention to detail is further proof that MOLY Harmony is a mythical antidote unto itself, like no other herbal tea youve ever tried.