Mocha Nola: Have Your CoffeeAnd Eat It, Too!

Coffee and granola are two breakfast staples we adore. But what if you could combine the two? Not by putting granola in your coffee — we’ve tried it, and it absolutely does not work — but by giving your granola the delicious flavor of high-quality coffee. If only someone could figure out how to do it! Well, somebody has, and you’ll find the glorious proof in this month’s box.

Java Chip Coffee Granola from Mocha Nola is pan-baked with all natural ingredients... and oh, what ingredients! Ground single origin coffee, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut water, sea salt, cane sugar, honey, and of course whole grain oats. It all combines for a flavor explosion that puts every other granola we’ve tried to shame. Eat it by the handful as a snack, or get really decadent and pour it in a bowl with milk.

New Orleans-based company Mocha Nola pays attention to all its ingredients, and that includes the coffee, which is roasted on-premises in small batches to ensure high quality with every bag of granola. And because we all love drinking coffee as well as eating it, they sell their single-origin beans (from Peru, Rwanda, Sumatra, and Ethiopia) in bean form as well. Check out everything these coffee masters have to offer at