The name of the intrepid soul who first combined honey with hot peppers is, sadly, lost to history. But thankfully we can shout from the rooftops the name of the folks who perfected the art — Mikes Hot Honey, we tip our hats to you! The Mikebehind Mikes Hot Honey is Mike Kurtz, a Brooklynite and pizzeria employee, who infused the highest quality honey with tongue-tingling chili peppers to create a drizzle for pizzas. Customers began asking where they could by the hot honey, and the rest is sweet-and-spicy history. Mikes is now available in stores and restaurants around the US. 

Mikes mini jars, holding just under two ounces of hot honey (1.88 ounces to be exact), make fantastic party favors, and theyre the perfect size for on-the-go snacking, picnics, cheese boards, gift baskets, you name it. And theyre great on a plane to liven up dreary airline food! As for how to use it? Drizzle it on pizzaor ice cream!  Liven up your tea, ramp up your cocktail game, slather it on fried chicken or barbecued pork, use it in your salad dressings — the only limit is your imagination. And Mikes Hot Honey is all-natural, gluten free, and paleo-friendly, so you can serve it at parties worry-free. 

One mini-jar of hot honey is great, but we think a dozen is even better. Visit mikeshothoney.com for hot honey in a multitude of sizes, as well as super-cool merch, and get free shipping when you use the code VICES at checkout.  

Mike's Hot Honey Mini Jars are perfect for cheese boards, gift baskets, weddings and party favors, picnics, travel and on-the-go snacking. And they are small enough to carry on a plane!