MetPro Clients X Vices Members

This year has been a roller-coaster ride, to say the least. Although the future is uncertain, one thing that remains true is how important our health is. Many are using this time to refocus. Whether it’s eating healthier, incorporating more self-care into your daily life, or hitting new fitness milestones––this is a great opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

Right now, more than ever, we’re looking to the experts who have mastered the art of remote physical transformation. MetPro’s individualized nutrition and fitness coaching provide guidance on how to live your healthiest life, no matter the circumstances and without limitations. 

They take a unique approach to helping you reach your goals. Rather than using broad nutritional recommendations that most cookie-cutter diets and programs utilize, MetPro starts with the reality that everyone’s metabolism is different. In order to create a more individualized experience, they use a series of assessments to learn how your body behaves under different nutritional and activity levels. 

The other unique characteristic of MetPro that rivals other programs, is its white-glove concierge service. The hardest part of following a new meal plan or exercise routine is integrating it into your lifestyle. MetPro’s remote coaching allows their team to assist with each individual’s needs regardless of life circumstances, travel, or demanding schedules.

This month we have something very special for our members! We were able to sit down for a candid conversation with two Vices members who have experienced all of the wonderful benefits of MetPro. And on top of that, they both started pre-COVID-19, and still to this day have continued their health journey working with MetPro.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to two of your fellow members, Mary and Nicholas!


RV: What was it about MetPro that intrigued you?

Mary: The Metabolic Profiling just sounded different enough from the one-size-fits-all programs out there. 

I've tried other things––I haven't really been a hardcore dieter, but I used to be very active and didn't really have to worry about it. And now it's 12-hour days at my desk. And that's been about the past 10 years. So, things decline in that state. It seems quick, but I guess 10 years that's not a very short amount of time! 

MetPro seemed like it was more catered and it just struck me as something different than everything else out there. And I've realized over time, that due to my job being stressful, I have to stick to something very structured. It's just not going to work otherwise.

Nicholas: I've struggled with a lot of diets in my life. I was at the point where my wife and I just had a baby. And, you know, I gained a little weight during the pregnancy. I'd been trying intermittent fasting with varying degrees of success, and I got the Vices box, and I said, “Hey, you know, this looks interesting to me.” And, you know what, it's been a bump-free ride ever since! So yeah, I just kind of picked up the box, read about it and I said, “what the hell, I'm gonna give them a call.”

RV: You both got started with MetPro during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. What was that experience like for you starting a new program when there was so much uncertainty?

Nicholas: The grocery store thing was definitely an issue at first. I did have to talk with Jan, my MetPro Coach, a couple of times about the different options I could use to plan my meals, but, the menu was so diverse, it ended up not being an issue. 

Coach Jan gave me a really good pointer that helped during this time––to use a Farmer's Market or a smaller local store. I went to this place called Murphy's market locally by me where I work. And they had everything. I didn't have to worry about chicken or anything. I didn't have trouble with finding food and again, the menu was so diverse that I could find something that would work in my meal plan.

Mary: I was worried about that at first, cause some groceries were just difficult to get. And so I did have to change what I had typically been buying. Also, a lot of vegetables weren't there. So frozen vegetable packs and whatever I found, I just kind of doubled-up on them to have in stock. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be!

I got nervous at first and I even told Kristin, my MetPro Coach, I was like, “this might not work”, but she was supportive and it wasn’t an issue. There were enough options in the program, even at my cutting stage, there was plenty in the grocery store to still get. 

I do think it helped early on not having as many social opportunities. I was actually traveling the first couple of weeks of the program. It was very helpful to have Coach Kristin’s restaurant suggestions. For the first time ever I packed food in luggage that I wheeled through the airport and you know, kind of sitting there in a corner, nervously eating my packed lunch.

That was just foreign to me as a concept, but it worked out well! No one stopped me or looked at me like I was completely from another world. I did have to learn a few things that were new to me, but in the program, all the suggestions helped. And having that coach there guiding me through it was encouraging!

RV: Were you skeptical about what MetPro was, or if this was going to work you?

Nicholas: Absolutely. I'm a physician. I've dealt with a lot of different diets. I understand the science of dieting. I talk to patients every day about it. The thing is, the MetPro model was different. I just put some faith in the process. I was a little skeptical, but it made sense. I didn't opt for the larger package initially, it would have saved me a little more money but because of my skepticism and knowing myself personally, I just wasn’t sure. 

Now going through MetPro for 3 months, I don't have a problem continuing this, it's been made easy for me. I'm going to probably do this for a lot more months because I'm seeing the results and I'm happy about it.

Mary: Yeah, I was very skeptical, even to the point where the first couple of weeks of the program, I was still unsure. I was like, “what have I done? I've committed all of this money and time to something. Is this going to work differently?” And I had looked into it, but kind of made the leap.

I was eating all this food and they say it's gonna work, but I was just kind of negative for the first couple of weeks. It wasn't long though until I saw results! I started learning more about it and realized that it is really changing my habits as well. 

The whole process began to make more sense as I went through it––raising the intake and eating so many carbs as I was at one point and then dropping those macros. That whole system was foreign to me. I don't know of any other plans that do that, but it makes a lot of sense and it works! I haven't felt this good in a while. I'm not tired after a meal and I have the energy to be active, which is perfect!

RV: What kind of results have you seen thus far with MetPro?

Mary: The energy is really one of the biggest things. When I started I did a test mile run just to get a baseline. I started jogging and my feet hurt. My legs hurt. Everything was just hurting. I could barely go for a minute before having to walk. That was the first time I realized I'm very out of shape. I expected to get winded, but this was a whole different journey.

And now, I'm running three miles! I go out there and am able to do that consistently. It’s been nice to see that change. And my clothes are definitely fitting better! I've also lost 18 pounds at this point. 

Nicholas: The number on the scale has gone down, which is kinda cool. I've lost 20 pounds during this process. I've lost inches and I've seen physical changes in my body. My wife noticed it, she said: “you're really putting on more muscle, it's obvious.” I think the muscle was always there, I just had to get that fat off. I'm not losing strength or muscle mass––I'm losing fat mass! In fact, I've gone up in strength. I initially did a bone density test on myself just to determine my body composition, which I'll probably do again, but I'm willing to bet my fat percentage has decreased significantly.

RV: What would you recommend to other individuals about MetPro, or to those who are on the fence about working with the company?

Mary: It's an investment, but I think it's well worth what you're investing in. To take that leap and realize that you're learning skills that you can take with you even beyond the regimen that you sign up for.

If I break it down by how much weight I’ve lost, I would have gladly paid somebody that exact amount per pound that's for sure! If only it was that easy! 

Just the lessons that you can learn from this and how to integrate it into a social and busy lifestyle are huge and no other plan does as good a job as MetPro.

I think it's important because there's so many of us out there that almost err on the side of, I'd kinda rather be fat and still enjoy my cocktails and good food than be on a diet. “Fat and happy.” That's a thing, right? Being social and enjoying food is such an important part of so many of our lifestyles, that it's a scary endeavor to think that you have to cut all of that out in order to be healthier.

The way MetPro integrates into your life and teaches you how to manage all of those pieces is a huge game-changer.

Nicholas: You’ve got to reserve time, you’ve got to shop, you got to meal prep, and you’ve got to really commit to it. If you don't commit to it, you're gonna lose out. It's always easier to get a burger at McDonald's or some other place that's convenient. Especially, when talking about today's climate, a lot of people are using Uber Eats and getting delivery. 

Basically, you're going to get results if you put in the effort. I can almost guarantee it. The science is sound, and the coaching is helpful. This is coming from someone who has not done well on diets in the past and now is able to be successful (and not complain through the whole process).

I think another thing is every diet I've ever approached in the past I’m like, “Oh man, this is gonna suck.” And even when Coach Jan puts me on a cutting phase and on a different plan, it's like, I kind of have a little bit of trepidation, but within the day I get the hang of it, and I'm like, “Man, this isn't bad at all, I can survive this.” 

If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, and you're on the fence, all I have to say is do it––leap, take the jump. At the end of the day, it was a great decision for me. I can't wait to stay on this journey. I'm excited to step on the scale the next day. So again, if there's any trepidation, just do it.



We thank Mary and Nicholas both for sharing their stories with us! MetPro is providing a special offer just for Vices, click here to receive a complimentary Metabolic Profiling assessment and one-on-one consultation. Learn about your metabolism and receive personalized advice from a Metabolic Expert!