When we caught up with Vices member David Schatanoff, Jr., he was busy recovering from the Spirit Awards and Oscars. Its been a crazy week.Which gives you an idea of the type of life he leads. An East Coast native, his love of film led him to Los Angeles, where for the last 23 years hes been working as a producer for film and television, as well as dabbling in music production and even occasionally performing as a percussionist. His current projects include the second season of the popular digital series L.A. Macabre and the feature film Playing With Beethoven, while in the works is a TV series based on the Special Forces and a holiday film. 

David is constantly on the move both for work and play, which doesnt give him a lot of time to bone up on his favorite vices — food, drink, and style accessories. Thats where Vices came in. David recalls, those first couple of boxes before I became a member had Daniel Boulud items, NOIR caviar, Clase Azul Tequila, Finlay & Co. wood frame sunglasses... it was almost as if the items were just plucked from my favorites list. 

David loves to feast in style with friends and family. We've had some incredible meals in France this past year that are hard to beat, at Le Chateaubriand and Le Bourse et La Vie. A little red meat, a little cocktail, some wine, savory fatty sides, sweet desserts, and always just a little too much!”  His favorite discovery from Vices, however, could actually be considered healthy. I had been hearing professional athletes talk about the benefits of CBD topical products for recovery,he says, and when you hit a certain age, you start looking for quicker recovery methods.The Aethics CBD topical cream included in his Vices box has become my go-to muscle cream after hitting the Peloton too hard or after a pick-up game of hockey. Discovering CBD is lifestyle-changing. 

A whisky enthusiast, David has a growing collection of bourbons, ryes and Scotches at home.  One of his new favorites is Highland Parks Dark Origins single malt, which one of his clients gave him. I recently enjoyed it with a nice ribeye from New York Prime Beef Company in a Nude Glass tumbler from a recent Vices box! 

Now that David has mastered the fine art of wining and dining, hes looking to learn more about one of the great vices — gambling. I used to hit Las Vegas a lot in my 20s and 30s, but folding that into travel, I'd love to do Monaco and maybe overlap that with the Monaco Grand Prix.A most noble goal indeed.