McClures's Spicy Pickle Potato Chips

The Flavor Of A Bloody Mary, The Crunch Of A Chip.

As awful as it is to consider, there are times when drinking a Bloody Mary simply isn’t an option. For when those moments are at hand, we’ve included in your Bloody Mary box the best substitute we’ve yet found. McClure’s, a family-run operation based in Detroit and Brooklyn, are pickle purveyors of the highest order, making everything from bread-and-butter spears to relish to sauerkraut — and, oh yes, a very tasty Bloody Mary mix, too. They’ve miraculously channeled that flavor into their Spicy Pickle kettle-cooked potato chips, which pack the heat and the brininess of the classic cocktail in a crunchy bite-sized morsel. How’d they do it? As long as they keep making more, we won’t ask any questions. McClure’s products are available at supermarkets around the country, but to order in bulk, learn more about their pickle-icious line of products, or to meet the family behind the pickles, go to