Makabi & Sons Uji Matcha & Black Sesame Shortbread Cookies

An addictive snack to pair with Japanese tea or munch on its own.

A Los Angeles-based company whose founder was born in Iran capturing the flavors of Japan... in a cookie? One taste of Makabi & Sons’ Uji shortbread cookies will have you convinced — and likely have you hooked as well. The “Uji” in the cookies ’name is a reference to the Japanese city which is known, in addition to its famous shrines and temples, for being a producer of green tea like that used in these cookies. Flavored with rich green matcha and toasted black sesame seeds, these buttery morsels pair brilliantly with Japanese teas, from savory, nutty hot sencha to a creamy matcha latté. But if you don’t want to wait until teatime before digging in, we totally understand. Oh, and while you’re munching and crunching, please note and admire the stunning exclusive package made just for the Japanese Kitchen Edition by Makabi & Sons in collaboration with Vices!

Launched in 2019, Makabi & Sons is the brainchild of founder Eiman Behmanesh, an avid Food Network fan growing up in Los Angeles. He and his friends were avid explorers of the array of different cultures in the local culinary scene. He decided he wanted to bring that same variety to packaged food — namely cookies. He bakes them alongside a team of bakers at an L.A.-based facility, using all-natural ingredients and flavorings. The cookie roster currently includes seven internationally-flavored expressions, with influences spanning the globe from Mexico to Greece to England, in addition to Japan.

To see the full lineup, as well as Makabi & Sons’ line of infused honeys, visit them online at