With the holiday season comes the holiday cocktail season, with party after partyand drink after drink. We love a delicious alcoholic libation as much as anyone, but there are times when we wish we could drink something that makes us feel good without paying the price the morning after. And weve found just the thing, in the form of Kin Spritz — a sparkling euphoricthats the perfect alternative to cocktails. Kins unique recipe enhances your sociability and feeling of well-being, without the downsides of alcohol. 

Kin works its magic with natural adaptogens and nootropics. Adaptogens, like the rhodiola rose youll find in a can of Kin, help relieve stress, both of the immediate fight-or-flight sort and the long-term variety. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, keeping you sharp where alcohol would dull the mental faculties. Kins array of nootropics, including caffeine and tyrosine, help you deal with the social demands of the season, and also keep you hangover-free. You dont have to drink much of it to feel the positive effects — one 8 oz. can is all you should need to feel invigorated and revitalized. 

And did we mention Kin tastes great? With ginger, hibiscus, gentian and licorice all in the mix, its as refreshing as it is invigorating. You wont miss the booze with a can of Kin close at hand. And while its perfect antidote to the stress of the holiday season, it can help you feel good all year round. To get on the right track, head over to and take 15% off your first order with the code KINVICES through Feb. 1, 2021.