Revealing a wine’s full greatness depends on so many external factors, from the right food pairing to the right company to the right mood. But the most important thing to get right is the glassware. The way it looks, the way it fits in your hand, the way it emphasizes the color and bouquet, all can elevate — or diminish — a bottle of wine. Here at Vices, we know how essential the right glassware is for appreciating wine, from the most desirable unicorn bottles to the more everyday fare. So when we find a great wineglass we want to share our good fortune with our members. Here you’ll find a pair of the most perfect wine glasses we’ve come across.

Josephinenhütte was one of the world’s premier makers of fine glassware in the central European region of Silesia during the 19th century. It was recently revived by three aficionados bent on restoring the brand to its previous glory after a decade of being defunct. To achieve this, they partnered with renowned glassmaker Kurt Josef Zalto (left), an artisan whose work lives up to the legend of Josephinenhütte. His glassware, however, doesn’t emulate the 19th century style. The Josephine No. 2 Universal glass, which you’ll find herein, is both timeless and modern.

Standing almost 10” tall (24cm), the Josephine No. 2 is so thin and light that it almost feels like you’re holding the wine itself. Notice that shaped edge in the bowl? Yes, it’s visually striking, but it’s actually there to help give the wine more movement as it flows back into the glass after every sip. The spiral movement helps oxygenate the wine, allowing the flavors to develop faster and more fully.

The Josephine No. 2 is ideal for both red and white wine. It’s even great for serving beer. Regardless of what you pour, these glasses are dazzling to the hand, the eye, and of course the palate. To explore more of their work, visit


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