J.Q. Dickinson Bloody Mary Salt

Make Your Bloody Mary Look & Taste Professionally Made.

It’s no secret that a glass rimmed with seasoned salt makes a cocktail look great. But how does it affect the flavor? In the case of JQ Dickinson’s Bloody Mary Salt, the answer is richer, more complex… simply better. That’s because this is no ordinary salt. It’s a blend of dried chili peppers, roasted garlic, celery seed, and applewood-smoked salt. In other words, it’s the flavor profile every Bloody Mary can use more of. In fact, in addition to rimming the glass, try putting a pinch of the salt into the cocktail itself. 

You’ll find the savory and spicy flavors of the cocktail are amplified, while remaining in perfect balance.

The salt itself is harvested from the mountains of Appalachia by a family whose salt-mining history dates back 200 years. It’s harvested by hand and processed naturally, with no preservatives or chemicals added. It’s quite the story… and quite the salt, too. To read more about it (both the story and the salt), visit www.jqdsalt.com.