Hawaiian culture is inextricablytied to tiki culture, and over the last century or so, tiki culture has become an important strand of cocktail culture. So it was only fitting for us to supply you with a tiki mug for your virtual Hawaiian getaway. But this isn’t your typical Hawaiian tiki mug. First off, it’s not Hawaiian. It’s made by Prince Of Scots, a British lifestyle brand with roots in Hampton-beach-chic that makes some of the world’s finest home barware — including their famed Premium Copper collection, from which this mug comes.

But the real difference between Prince Of Scots and most other purveyors of tiki is that they have the utmost respect for the islands and their culture, where Tiki gods watched over the land and protected the people. They help elevate that culture through their stylish, high-quality mugs and barware. The mug you’ll find in this box is no ordinary mug — it is, in fact, the first ever copper tiki mug. It represents Kane, the highest of the four major Hawaiian Tiki deities. Kane is the god of light (as represented by the dawn and the sky) and the giver of life (he is the god of procreation). Kane also provides the virtues of patience and consciousness.

Regardless of how much or how little you know of the history of tiki, you’ll agree that this mug is absolutely stunning. Forged from pure copper, sculpted and polished by hand, and standing 6.25” high, this isn’t just a drinking vessel, it’s a work of art. But it’s one work of art that should be used as well as admired. It’s a great accompaniment for cold beverages of all sorts — including tiki cocktails, naturally. From mai tais to Zombies to Singapore Slings and beyond, they’ll all taste terrific and stay chilled in your copper mug. Check out our tiki cocktail recipes and open up your Kuleana rums and Swzle straws to give your Kane mug a test run. And if you want to collect all four Tiki gods — or check out what else Prince Of Scots has to offer — visit them at

The mug represents Kane, the highest of the four major Hawaiian Tiki deities. Kane is the god of light, as represented by the dawn and the sky, and the giver of life — he is the god of procreation.