Heartbeat Hot Sauce

This Pickle-Based Hot Sauce Is A Big Dill! 

There are too many hot sauces out there that bring the heat, but little else. And a great Bloody Mary deserves something more. Namely flavor, and plenty of it. That’s where Heartbeat Hot Sauce comes in. The company is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but this dill pickle-based sauce is so good you’d swear it came straight from a New York deli. It’s got that classic garlicky sour pickle flavor, along with a mild but potent heat courtesy of jalapeños and peppers. It’s the perfect melange that adds spice and depth to your Bloodies.

And when you’re not cocktailing, use the sauce on everything from hot dogs and burgers to pasta salads and eggs. It’s destined to be a mainstay at your brunch table. And it’s all-natural, vegan and gluten-free, which means you can use it worry-free any time your food or drink needs a little spicing up.

This may be the first Heartbeat Hot Sauce you’ve encountered, but once you’ve tasted it, we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. See their other naturally made small-batch hot sauces at www.heartbeathotsauce.com.