Holiday season is cocktail season, and cocktail season can mean rings-on-your-nice-furniture season if youre not careful. But dont worry, weve got you covered! And these coasters from Graphic Image arent just functional, theyre fun — and fancy. Were talking water-treated, full grain calfskin leather with no-skid bottoms fancy. Theyre built to last, and built to impress. The quotes weve thoughtfully had embossed on each are words to live by, too.  

Graphic Image knows a thing or two about leather. In business since 1969, they source their leathers from some of the worlds finest tanneries, primarily in France and Italy. They use their  leather is used in everything from journals to business card cases to picture framesand, of course, coasters. We hope theyll inspire you and someone special in your life to break out the good stuff and use them for their intended purpose. And we hope youll go to Graphic Images website ( and have a look around at what else theyve got to offer. Youll be impressed — we sure were.