Goodio: Café Ubuntu Craft Chocolate

Peruvian cacao and East African coffee combine to make a world-beating chocolate.

Ubuntu is an African term which means “interconnectedness,” and that concept applies to the Café Ubuntu chocolate bar — one of the most sublime combinations of coffee and chocolate you’ll ever taste. The cacao beans are of the Criollo species, sourced directly from Peruvian cacao farmers. The coffee for which the bar is named comes from East Africa. The finished product is made from scratch — bean to bar — by the Goodio team in Finland. And the results are glorious, with the vegan and gluten-free bar containing 61% cacao and imparting flavors of golden raisin, maple, and fig. You probably already know that chocolate contains chemicals which are known to produce happiness in us humans, but what makes us even happier is that 50 cents from each bar sold goes to the Ubuntu Life Foundation, which helps to empower women and children in Kenya.

Goodio’s mission is to create delicious chocolate using organic ingredients to create distinct and unique flavors, based on the principles of sustainability, well-being, and transparency. To read more about the company and to order more of their spectacular chocolate, go to